Bee Honeycomb Silicone Cake Fondant Sugarcraft Mold Chocolate Baking Moulds Tool


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– High quality, easy to use and clean.
– It is soft and easy to use.
Temperature rating: -40 degrees Celsius to +230 degrees Celsius
– 100% high quality
– Material: Silicone
– Size:
         Honeycomb: about 17 * 13 * 0.9CM
– Colour: White
– Style: as show
Mold Cleaning and Maintenance:
1.Before the first use, it can be cleaned with clean water or detergent to remove the surface dust. Before the mold is used for baking, a small amount of butter can be applied to the inside of the mold. When using the continuous mold, if there is an empty tank, water can be added to the empty tank, and empty burning is prohibited.
2.After each use, soak it in diluted detergent for 10-30 minutes. When cleaning, please clean it with soft cloth. Do not use rough cleaning balls and other items to avoid scratch damage to the mold. Please dry it after cleaning and place it in the storage box. Silica gel is easy to have electrostatic reaction and will adsorb small particles and dust in the air. When it is not used for a long time, it should not be directly exposed to the air.
3.When used in the oven, be sure to place it in the middle of the oven, keep about 10cm away from the heating pipe and 5cm away from the four walls of the oven, so as not to damage the mold at high temperature.
4.Some molds have cracks, which have been cut when leaving the factory, which is convenient for the buyer to demould. If there is no cut, it cannot be demoulded. When in use, align the incision, wrap it with fresh-keeping film or rubber band, and then pour in liquid.
– Due to the different colors displayed by different computers, the colors of the actual items may be slightly different from the above images.
– Please allow 0.5-1 CM to be different due to manual measurement.Thank you for understanding.
Package included:
1x Silicone Bee Mold


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