Up 100X Glow Sticks 6 Inches Hook Glow Sticks Lanyard Party Glow in the Dark


100x 6inches Glow Sticks (retail individual packed)

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-They will glow super bright for 3 – 5 hours. Then, they will start to fade out but may continue to emit some light for up to 12 hours.
-Inside the glow sticks are two chemicals that emit light or glow when they are mixed together. Inside the glow stick is a thin glass tube, when you bend it for the first time, you break the inner glass tube. This mixes the two chemicals together. Just shake it up, it starts glowing like magic.
-They are not radioactive and they are not flammable. The almost never break open, Do not use knife to cut the sticks!
-Suitable for halloween, new year’s eve, church/school fundraisers, bathtub toys for tots, parties, weddings, bar mitzvahs.
-Very thick, do not bend too much, straight sticks only.
-15 cm long, diameter: 1.5 cm
-There are 8 colors in total: Red, Purple, Blue, White, Orange, Pink, Green, Yellow

Please read the instruction on the glow stick package to use them safely.
Please bend the glow stick and shake. Do not bend for more than 3 times, otherwise the glow stick may leak. The glow liquid is not toxic, but do not suck or bite the glow sticks. Please use clean water to wash if the liquid goes out. Please keep connectors away from mouth as it could cause choking hazard. Bend and shake the glow stick before giving the glow stick to the kids.

Other information you may need to know:
Please store the glow sticks in a COOL place. Please avoid sun exposure or store in a high temperature place. Do not drop the glow sticks.

Package Included (4 Choices):
-5x six inches (15cm) Glow Sticks with 5x Lanyards
-16x six inches (15cm) Glow Sticks with 16x Lanyards
-50x six inches (15cm) Glow Sticks with 50x Lanyards
-100x six inches (15cm) Glow Sticks with 100x Lanyards

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5X, 16X, 50X, 100X


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